This forum is for trolls and other related shenanigans.

The main posting rules that apply here are:

- Language/Content Rules
Any comments that can be regarded as sexist, bigoted, pornographic, or racist will result in a post deletion. Depending on the comment, this may also result in an instant ban. "Bad" words are filtered by the forum, please do not try to circumvent the filter.

- No "Real Life" Information
Do not publicly post any "real life" information about another player, such as their real name or where they live, etc. This information will be deleted if we see it.

- No direct or implied threats of physical violence
Do not threaten to harm people or imply that they deserve to be harmed in the real world. This does not apply to game-related discussion, ie: "I'm gonna add you to the hitlist"

Most basic rule: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.