The updated Battle Age has arrived! Version 1.797 includes:

Battle Map:
Explore and conquer an expansive new continent. Your battle map can be explored as you conquer it, discovering resources and rubies distributed across the map.

Troop Survival:
Your surviving troops now return to your base after a battle. This saves you time and resources, and makes the game a lot more enjoyable in general.

Resupply your troops in the heat of the battle. This adds a new strategic element to your attacks, as you can choose deployment order and placement during the fight.

Army size:
Due to balance changes and the new reinforcements, your maximum army sizes have been made much larger.


These are the broadest changes to the game, however you will notice that a large number of things now behave differently. We have made dozens of bug fixes, gameplay updates, and optimization improvements. This is a HUGE update so we do expect some confusion, but that's what we're here for! If you have any questions or feedback, please post below.

See you on the battlefield!